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Whittemore Prescott Area Schools Transportation

Misbehavior on the bus

Dear Parent(s),

Safety is of prime importance for our students as we transport them to and from school and school sponsored activities. Safety requires the cooperation of students, parents/legal guardians and school personnel.

Here at Whittemore-Prescott Area Schools, we have very high standards of conduct that are expected of all students. The same code of conduct for the classroom applies to the buses as well.

In order to accomplish this goal, good student behavior while entering, riding, and leaving the bus contribute in many ways to safe transportation. Such conduct makes it possible for the driver to give full attention to the roadway and other drivers.

Students should be reminded that all buses are equipped with surveillance cameras, and behavior is monitored closely.

Please encourage your child to report any behavior that could in any way compromise their safety or the safety of others on the bus. Working together, we can maintain a safe educational experience for your child. Join me in stressing to your children the importance of respecting themselves and each other. If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me.


Gordon Seyler

Transportation Director

Emergency Alternate Address

Students may have one alternate address to be dropped off in case of an emergency. The address has to be on file with the Transportation office. If the address in not on file, we will not be able to transport your student to an alternate address. This procedure is necessary to assure the safety of students getting to the correct bus stop as well as addressing  issues related to overcrowded busses.

The school will need a written notification in order to honor a request for transporation to an alternate address.  No phone calls will be accepted for bus passes. We will not honor requests for transportation other than an emergency situation. Parents will be responsible for transporting their children for any other reason.

We understand that prior written notice will require making arrangements on your part. The above procedure needs to be followed for us to provide safe transportation for your child.

You can print the Alternate Address Form here, or it is available  upon request  by contacting the Transportation Supervisor Mr. Seyler

Bus Routes

Route #1 Bus #07-2 BEAR BUS

Route # 1 Maple Ridge / Burleigh Township Area

6:00--6:02  Prescott Rd. 

6:02—6:08 Wilson Creek 

6:08—6:20 Mill Station, Alabaster

6:20—6:25 Mogg Road

6:25—6:34 Briggs, Berry Road

6:34—6:40 Maple Ridge, Scott Road

6:40—6:53 Black Rd, Maple Ridge Rd

6:53—6:56 North Hull Road

6:56—6:58 County Line Road

6:58—7:00 Pumpkin Road

7:00—7:10 Keystone, Nichols, Dyer, Hottis

7:10—7:19 Keystone, Wilson Creek, Turtle, Nile

7:19—7:25 Keystone Road

7:25—7:30 M-65 (North), Alabaster

7:30—7:35 M-65 North Fire, North St., & Michigan St.

7:35—7:38 2nd & Washington, 2nd & State, Southbound M-65 to Prescott Rd.

7:38 Prescott Road & 4th Street

Route #3 Bus #11-0 HEART BUS

Elbow Lake and Lake Ogemaw Area 

6:34—6:48 North side of Mills, Gillings, to Elbow Lake Road

6:48—6:56 North Elbow Lake Road

6:56--6:58  North side of Mills to Rifle River Trl.

6:58—7:00 E Rifle River Tr/North (north of Mills)

7:00—7:03 N Ogemaw Tr & Totum

7:03—7:08 W Rifle River Tr /High Banks/(north of Mills)

7:08—7:10 N Tall Oak / W Rifle River Trail

7:10—7:14 Midway / Mills Road

7:14—7:19 S Elbow Lake, Donald, George, Shirley, Thomas

7:19—7:23 South side of Mills 


Route #5 Bus #05-1 TREE BUS

Alger / West Skidway Area 

6:29—6:33 Johnson Lake Road

6:33—6:48 Greenwood Road - West Bound

6:48—6:49 Greenwood Road / Ogemaw Clinic

6:49—6:51 North side of Greenwood Rd / Eymer Hill

6:51—6:54 Birch Hill Subdivision-Oakhill, American Legion

6:54—7:02 Morrison Road / Greenwood Road

7:02—7:10 Eddy Acres / Morrison

7:10—7:11 Boy Scout Camp

7:11—7:13 Silver Creek Subdivision

7:13—7:15 Greenwood Road - East Bound / Ridge Road

7:15—7:18 Greenwood, Chiropractor, Woodwill, Primary Electric

7:18—7:27 Henderson Lake, Cranberry Lake—Best

Route #7 Bus #16-1 SNOWMAN BUS

Prescott, Skidway, Melita, Maple Ridge 

6:30—6:32 Harrison Road

6:32—6:33 Washington Street / Library

6:33—6:35 Washington Street / Pooh’s Place

6:35—6:38 Washington Street

6:38—6:40 Sherman Rd / Garfield St

6:40—6:43 Harrison Road

6:43—6:45 Sheffer / Melcher

6:45—6:46 Harrison Road / Center

6:46—6:47 Rosie’s Daycare

6:47—6:52 3 County (Bingo Hall)

6:52—6:53 Greenwood & Oak Lane Drive

6:53—6:59 Melita Road & LaGrant Road

6:59—7:04 Maple Ridge Rd & Bishop Rd

7:04—7:10 LaGrant Road

7:10—7:18 Sage Lake Road

7:18—7:24 Greenwood Rd, Black Rd

7:24—7:28 Sage Lake Rd, Brenda Dr, Craun

Route #11 Bus #17-2 STAR BUS

Alger Bus  

6:50—6:59 South on Rifle River Trail, Kenneth, Horseshoe

6:59—7:00 Oak Park Drive & Northwood

7:00—7:02 Oak Park Drive & Possum Track

7:02—7:04 Oak Park Drive & Michael Drive

7:04—7:06 Pinewood

7:06—7:14 Twin Pine Rd / Silverwood / West Court

7:14—7:17 North on Rifle River Trail

Route #2 Bus #00-1 FISH BUS

Lucinda & East Skidway Lake Area 

6:30—7:00 Henderson Lake & Lucinda (dirt)

7:00—7:05 Lucinda (paved), Ronald, Karen, Cora

7:05—7:13 Greenwood & Skidway Library

7:13—7:16 2nd & Michigan

7:16—7:19 Greenwood & Gary C



Route #4 Bus #07-4 RABBIT BUS

6:00            Bus Garage/Eastbound Prescott to Mills Station

6:02-6:07   Northbound – Mills Station to M-55

6:07-6:12   Westbound – M-55 to Nester Creek

6:12             Nester Creek

6:13-6:19   M-55 Eastbound to M-65/ Northbound to Citco

6:20-6:21   Northbound M-65 to Carpenter

6:21-6:23   Eastbound Carpenter to Towerline

6:23-6:25   Northbound Towerline to Miller/Towerline back to Carpenter

6:25-6:27   Eastbound Carpenter to Britt

6:27-6:29   Southbound Britt to M-55

6:29-6:32   Westbound M-55 to M-65   

6:32-6:43   Southbound M-65 to Duby/Westbound Duby to Putnam/Northbound Putnam to Legget

6:43-6:45   Legget Eastbound to Towerline

6:45-6:50   Southbound Towerline to Keystone

6:50-6:52   Westbound Keystone to M-65

6:52-6:54   Southbound M-65 to Dyer

6:54-6:56   Dryer Eastbound to Towerline

6:56-6:59   Towerline Northbound to Turtle

6:59-7:04   Eastbound Turtle to National City

7:04-7:06   Northbound National City to Alabaster

7:06-7:09   Eastbound Alasbaster to Sand Lake

7:09-7:11   Northbound Sand Lake to Whittemore

7:11-7:20   Westbound Whittemore to M-65

7:20-7:22   Southbound M-65 to Prescott

7:22-7:27   Westbound Prescott to School/Bus Garage

Route #6 Bus #07-1 TURTLE BUS

Logan Area / Skidway Lake 

6:22—6:24 Sage Lake & Brown Road

6:24—6:25 Nester Creek Store

6:25—6:38 M-55, Clark, Hardwood,Beach, Migan

6:38—6:50 Beach Road (North of M-55)

6:50—6:53 M-55 West Bound

6:53—6:54 M-55 & Henderson Lake Road

6:53—7:00 Henderson Lake Road & Hardwood Heights

7:00—7:07 South on Lucinda

7:07—7:11 Lucinda & McAdams

7:11—7:12 Lucinda & Lakeview

7:12—7:16 Turner Pine & Lakeview

7:16—7:17 Turner Pine & McAdams

7:17—7:19 Turner Pine & Sanderson

7:19—7:21 Sanderson

7:21—7:24 Lucinda & Thompson

7:24—7:25 Lucinda & Harlow

7:25—7:29 Lucinda North Bound

Route #9 Bus #07-5 BIRD BUS

Skidway Area

6:35—6:43 W Henderson Lake (south of Mills)

6:43—6:49 North Chippewa Trail

6:49—6:50 North Chippewa Trail & 3rd

6:50—6:54 North Chippewa Trail & 7th

6:54—6:57 Skunk Hollow & 4th

6:57—6:58 Skunk Hollow & 2nd

6:58—7:01 1st Oak & Jack Pine Drive

7:01—7:04 Acorn Lane

7:04—7:07 Greenwood Rd & Spring Creek Dr.

7:07—7:18 S. Cranberry Lake

7:18—7:24 Ryan Road

Route #10 Bay-Arenac CAT BUS

6:30 Pick up at High School / Drop off at High School 11:23