MSU Extension resources

Attached is a list of some of MSU Extension’s remote learning resources and programs that are available from our staff across Michigan and accessible online. Any of the links will take you to an MSUE website that provides a description of the program and more information. Please share with anyone who may be interested.

MSU Extension just launched a virtual calming room web page. This page has been created for the purpose of providing a place youth and adults can go (virtually) to take care of themselves, calm, reset, re-center, or just take a break in their day.  There are a variety of resources available on the page. Check it out at

7/1-8/5- SLEEP: Sleep Education for Everyone

7/5-7/9- Stress Less with Mindfulness

7/6- Extension Extras Parenting Hour: Mindfulness for Young Children

7/7-7/28 (Wednesdays)- Building Early Emotional Skills for Parents

7/8- The Informed Renter

7/12-8/27- Michigan 4-H Sights and Sounds of Nature

7/13- Extension Extras Parenting Hour: Positive Discipline

7/13- What to do With Food After a Power Outage

7/14- Michigan Cottage Food Law

7/15- Protecting Your Identify and Avoiding Scammers

7/15- What Children Need to Know to Start School

7/17-7/18 & 8/14-/15- 4-H Spartan Coding Camp

7/20- Make a Spending Plan Work for You

7/21-8/25 (Wednesdays)- Wellness Initiative for Senior Education

7/21- Homeownership Education Webinar (MSHDA)

7/23- The Importance of Outdoor Play

7/27- Preparing Financially for Disasters

7/27- Tips to Build and Protect Your Credit

7/27- Extension Extras Parenting Hour: Raising Young Readers

7/28- Homeownership Education Webinar (MSHDA)

7/28- Fiscally Ready Communities: Capital Asset Management & Planning

7/29- Every Penny Counts: Saving Tips


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