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Call alerts

Call alerts are now available. To sign up for call alerts, please select the appropriate link. This is an opt in system and you must provide your information to get the notifications. There are two checkboxes on the sign up page(s). The first one is the required legal acknowledgement of the terms of service, privacy policy, etc. Providing your phone number will sign you up to recieve sms texts and voice calls if it is a cell phone. Understandably, land lines will not get a text. If you select the second box to not recieve text messages, you will only recieve voice calls to your cell phone. You may unsubscribe at any time by replying stop to the text messages as indicated in the text messages. If this does not work, or you are trying to unsubscribe a land line, please email with the subject of call alert unsubscribe, and your name and phone number in the email and we will get you off the list.

Closing due to weather/road conditions.

Given the shortage of bus drivers there are occaisonally times when routes do not run, or run late.

Transportation alerts.

Other links will be posted as new alerts are created. Any link will allow you to sign up for all alerts you choose at one time.