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Jason Melkus
Technology Supervisor

(989) 756-6018

Mobile Apps

WPAS Mobile App

Skyward Mobile App

Viafy - Transportation app

By invite only - Please call the transportation dept.




If you need technical assistance, please click the link below for the ticket portal and submit a ticket. We will respond as quickly as possible. You may also use the email below to submit a ticket. Please use one of these methods, tickets created through the portal or email, will be resolved the quickest. If you must call, please call the helpdesk number below. Other staff are not able to assist due to time or access limitations, and will simply transfer you to the help desk.

Once you have placed a ticket by portal or by email, or called and left a message, please be patient while we work down the list. Please do not place repeat calls or tickets, this only delays getting everyone the help they need.  Only reply to the email you get from the helpdesk so we don't have dupilcate conversations.

Helpdesk Portal - Submit a Ticket
(989) 756-6018


***Ticket ettiquette***

Please be specific. “It doesn’t work” isn’t going to do anything to help. If you’re getting an error message, please write it down or snap a pic with your phone. We’re not going to be able to do anything without that error message. Whatever amount of time we spend playing 20 questions, is that much longer you can’t do what you want to do.

What specifically can’t you do? Log in, print, send an email, visit a website? What can’t you log into? Which site can’t you get to? Is it only one site, or all of them? If it says incorrect password, tell me you need a password reset, and include the application you are trying to log into.  The more details you can provide up front, the faster we can get things up and running, and the quicker we can get on to the next person, which may be you.

At a minimum, please include your name, student name(s) and grade (if applicable), and device ID number (the red tag with the bar code) when submitting a ticket.