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Electronic records transfer from Parchment.

Which school do you need records from?

Jr/Sr High School - Student Transfer Records, Transcripts, Enrollment Verification, Graduation Verification

Elementary School - Student Transfer Records

Annual registration for returning students:

If you already have a Skyward Family Portal account, simply log in and select "Online Registration", and fill out the forms. Log into Skyward here.

If you do not already have a Skyward Family Portal account, please fill out this form to request family access and we will email your credentials.

See this quick video from Skyward on completing online registration.

Update Contact Info

Every year, the district requests parents/guardians review their contact information and make necessary updates.

This is critical to ensure we know how to reach parents/guardians in case of emergency, but also for the key district messages you should receive, such as parent/guardian surveys, invitations to provide feedback, changes in schedules and dates, and important notices like closings/delays. This process is also an annual opportunity for parents/guardians to review student handbooks and other documents intended for parent/guardian review and approval. To update info outside of registration time, click here.

School of Choice

Fill out our School of Choice application.

New Student Enrollment

If you are new to the district, and do not have students enrolled yet, please follow this link to create an online enrollment account to begin. Our registrar will contact you to set up an appointment to verify the following documentation to complete enrollment.

Please Bring the Following:

Student's Certified Birth Certificate

Proof of Residency (example: utility bill, rental agreement, tax bill, etc.)

Transcripts from previous school (Grades 10 - 12)

Last year's report card (Grades 7 - 9)

Immunization Records

Current IEP (if applicable)

Proof of Guardianship/Custody (if applicable)

If you already have a student enrolled and have a Skyward Family Portal account, simply log in and select "New Student Online Enrollment" to enroll your new student. If you do not already have a Skyward Family Portal account, please fill out this form to request family acces, or call your schools office.

See this quick video on completing New Student Online Enrollment.

Registration FAQ

I had access to the Skyward Family Access Portal, but cannot log in now. Please click on "Forgot your Login/Password?" under the Sign in button on the Skyward login page before contacting us, you should get an email within an hour with directions to reset your password. If you don't get the email to reset within an hour, your email may be entered wrong, please, at that point, contact the school's secretary to get access.

What if I don't see the online registration link in my Family Access Portal? Are you coparenting as separate families? Only the primary(custodial) family in Skyward records can complete the online registration. 

Can I use a mobile device for online registration? It is possible, but not advised. The pages don't render correctly on small screens and data boxes or control buttons may be missing. Skyward forms are not yet available through the mobile app.

I can't submit the registration, I get a message that says there are incomplete forms. Every form page in the registration has a button at the very bottom that says, "complete this step and move on to next step". You may have to maximize your window to full screen or scroll down to see it. A page is not complete until the complete button is clicked. Sometimes they don't get displayed properly, most of the time a refresh of the screen (press F5 or click on the refresh button next to the URL bar), or logging out and back in fixes it.